Our Vision: Identity Dance Collective was founded in 2017 by Allison Ackles and Rachael Reints. The vision of IDC is to provide excellent training that emphasizes artistic freedom, the creative process, and personal growth, while still being in a team-oriented atmosphere. We aim to provide competition-oriented training to all dance schools and individual dancers who wouldn’t otherwise be provided with a competition team opportunity. Our goal is to gather studios and artists from the Mat-Su Valley, Eagle River, and Anchorage in hopes to unite all of Alaska’s wonderful, talented, and passionate dancers.

What We Provide: IDC aims to provide an “in” into the competition world, as well as extra performance opportunities around Alaska. Included in this are guest artists from all over Alaska, as well as out-of-state artists and dance professionals. Our once-weekly classes, based out of Studio Pulse, include an hour of technique training, alternating weekly with lyrical, contemporary, tumbling, jazz, turns and leaps, and improvisation. Following technique is a three to four-hour repertoire class where we will choreograph for any upcoming competitions or showcases.

Training Throughout the Week: IDC is partnered with numerous schools in Alaska, listed on the “Our Recommendations” page in the menu. This partnership makes it possible for you to train at any of our choice schools on a day-to-day basis in a convenient location for you. All of these schools have provided affordable pricing options, and are accredited as the best in each given location. While our partners are not required training facilities for members of IDC, and we encourage members to train where they see fit, they are our suggestion for each given area. Visit our “Our Recommendations” page for more information on our amazing partners.